Bespoke events for daring dreamers
among car enthusiasts

Hands on the wheel…

…wind in the face

Laughters, taste, friends, discoveries…

Laughters, taste,
friends, discoveries… other words,
memorable adventures!

Last events

France and Spain

October 16-21

BUGATTI GRAND TOUR 2023 – Basque Regions
Dedicated to Bugatti Chiron and Veyron owners only



October 15-19

Dedicated to Bugatti Chiron and Veyron owners only


October 06-11

Dedicated to Lamborghini Miura owners only


July 01-08

Private event for the most innovative luxury watchmaker


May 11-14

Private Rally linked to the Grand Prix Historique Monaco 2022
Dedicated to Classic Cars


April 27-30

Ladies Only Rally – Private Event – Umbria and Tuscany
Dedicated to Classic Cars

Past events


The Company was founded in 2004 by Franco Majno. Franco is a classic car collector and connoisseur himself. He has attended many events and rallies worldwide for about 20 years before establishing his Company. From 1995 he started to conceive and organise events for Classic cars enthusiasts, in particular for Bugatti collectors, thus gaining an extensive experience over a decade of passionate activity. He has been a board member in the FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) General Committee and Vice President of the Events Commission.


The name 2fast4you refers to a widespread way, often imposed by our times, to live life. It is a lifestyle that induces to consume rather than enjoy time and experiences. Most of the time, it does not produce long-lasting memories. We prefer to dedicate all our attention in offering bespoke voyages focusing on our guests’ own pace. We design our gatherings by keeping in mind that life deserves to be enjoyed in every single moment. 2fast4you rallies focus on the sheer pleasure of driving by selecting the most scenic routes and pleasant roads, but certainly not only that! While driving, we also explore the territory. We like to learn more about local people, their history and traditions, while deepening the knowledge in Art, Culture and Gourmet experiences that will create an overall memorable journey.

We excel in discovering unexpected places, unusual and very exclusive experiences, local excellences and more.

We enjoy tuning the pace of each tour to the revs of your engine!

We invite you to enquire for your bespoke event

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